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Youth Against Corruption Association

The Youth Against Corruption Association (YACA) is all about young people making a commitment to oppose corruption and dishonesty of all kinds. It is about young people helping each other to say "NO" to the temptation of lying, stealing, cheating and violence.

Why is YACA unique?

The Youth Against Corruption Association is the first youth organization of its kind ever established in Papua New Guinea and the only youth group focused on fighting corruption in PNG.

Why Corruption?

Corruption is an ongoing issue in Papua New Guinea affecting citizens and residents at all levels of society. We are the new generation and have the opportunity to change the future.  

YACA exists to be fully operated by youth to achieve the following:

• Good quality leaders;

• Positive change in the everyday lives of PNG citizens, through the changing of oneself;

• To give youth a voice and the opportunity to be heard;

• To lead positive community activities and services; and

• To have strength in numbers; …With the ultimate goal to fight corruption.  

Why is Corruption our cause?

The youth of Papua New Guinea face a lot of challenges in their day-to-day lives and are forgotten victims of corruption, left without the opportunity to voice their opinions and a chance to commit to a positive youth oriented organization which will give them a chance to develop the leadership skills necessary to move their families and community in a positive future.

What do we do?

Develop a platform on which they can voice their concerns and opinions and be heard, as well as provide them the opportunities to develop leadership skills and be a positive influence in their community.

YACA has 4 basic aims:

1. To give young people a VOICE

2. To encourage young people to make a personal COMMITMENT to not practice corruption in their own lives

3. To develop LEADERSHIP skills among young people

Activities include: Youth Forums, Media Smart Workshop, Sports Clinics, Leadership Trainings, International Video Conferences, Mobilizing Youth Against Corruption Workshops, Radio Talkback Shows, Climate Change activities and events, Citizen Voice & Action Workshops and Song Writing Contests.

Transparency International PNG supports YACA. A YACA group may be a youth choir, pop music band, football team, anyone can join YACA!

So far in 2016

Youth Forums

YACA hosted the FIRST YOUTH FORUM in partnership with PNG Correctional Service themed ‘Crime & Youth in the City’ and PNG Correctional Service was invited to present at the forum. Sgt. Joseph Sila, Community Relations Officer of the PNG Correctional Service talked about the juveniles currently up at Bomana and shared their stories with the youth present. He went on to explain the rehabilitation program that is in place for the juveniles and also sent a very strong and clear message that ‘prison is not a place for youth’. The young people showed great interest in the topic and were particularly interested in the role of PNG Correctional Service, how the PNGCS works with the Police, Activities for the Juveniles in Bomana, if women are separated from men in prison and if their safety is guaranteed and how juveniles are treated in prison.

Participants were then put into groups to discuss a few questions and present back to the whole group. The discussions found that: • Many young people get involved in crime because there are no opportunities for them or as a means to survive. • Participants also agreed that peer pressure was another contributing factor as well as family members that encourage these bad habits, and neglect from parents, the community and society as a whole • There is a need to implement laws and policies and work hand in hand to do away with crime and corruption in the city. • More employment opportunities need to be created and a lot more invested into skills training for young people • As an individual or YACA group we can report crimes to the Police, carry out more awareness in communities to young people about crime and the negative consequences, be role models to other young people and encourage them to be part of groups like YACA, organize activities for youth in communities to get involved in and to be kind and open to all youth regardless of their background.

All eight (8) groups that presented agreed that change starts with each individual and we must start to change our mindsets. Participants felt it was important that young people should be valued and loved, especially those in the settlements. Participants also felt personally challenged to share all the information they had heard and discussed with others to bring light to the issue and help young people in their community stay out of trouble.

YACA hosted its SECOND YOUTH FORUM in Lae on ‘Understanding the Government System in PNG’. Guest speakers included Ms. Renee Siaguru (Lawyer) and Ms. Fredah Joses (Assistant Election Manager for Morobe, PNGEC) - Saturday 4th June 2016 Participants were taken through the Westminster System, PNG System of Government, Separation of Powers, Elections, The Leadership Code and the Role of the Ombudsman and the Right to Protest and Petition. In summary, understanding where power lies, who has power and who gives power opened up the discussion and shed light on the importance of elections and why young people should be part of the process. Another important note was the lack of information and awareness about our Government System highlighting the need for Civic Education to be a compulsory subject in School.

YACA hosted its first of three forums under the British High Commission funding on Saturday 6th August 2016 at Popondetta Secondary School. The forum was the first of it’s kind for the province and themed ‘Youth, Leadership & the fight against corruption’ and brought together over 120 young people from schools and community groups. The forum was facilitated by YACA volunteer and champion Mr. Methuselah Wabiria who is a 3rd Year Economics student at the UPNG. Under the British High Commission funding, the next forum will be held in Goroka in November and in Wewak in March 2017.

School Visits

In the lead up to the Exhibition, YACA carried out school visits in Kokopo and Rabaul. Schools visited included: Vunabosco, Kokopo Secondary, Malaguna Technical, Malabunga Secondary, Vuvu Secondary and Warangoi High School - Tues 5th – Thurs 7th April 2016. Students in ENB are keen to be part of the fight against corruption in their province. The schools all visited the TIPNG Exhibition


Anti-Corruption & Disability Inclusion Workshop

YACA partnered with PNG Assembly of Disabled Persons to host the second joint Human Rights Disability Inclusion Training for youth leaders in Port Moresby. Twenty-eight youth leaders from ten different organizations, including two media organizations, participated in this year’s training. The aim of this was to ensure PwDs are an equal partner and contributor to anti-corruption initiatives 

Lae Youth Forum

The first ever week long Lae Youth Forum was held from the 18th – 22nd April 2016. About 70 young people participated from 7 schools, 1 higher institution and 3 community groups in Lae, Morobe Province. After a whole week of discussing the issues in Lae, their dream for Morobe, interesting facts about Morobe and their solutions to the issues they identified, they held a Press Conference on Day five to share the outcomes.

JICA representative Mr. Naoki Hara presented his business card at the end of the presentation to the Youth Integrity Program Coordinator requesting that the final report be sent to JICA as they are currently working on the expansion of Nadzab-Lae.

The Lae MP officially opened the workshop and has committed the Lae Open Electorate Office’s support to YACA in Lae.

Other Events

Moresby Arts Theatre PRIDE Program

YACA was invited by the Moresby Arts Theatre to be part of the PRIDE Youth Arts Program. The YIP coordinator spent a week presenting on what corruption was, the consequences and what can be done to fight corruption. The schools in attendance during the week were tasked to put together dramas relating to the presentations they attended during the week. These dramas will be performed in September at the MAT.

Tackling Corruption Together Conference

The YIP Coordinator was invited by the Commonwealth Secretariat to participate at the Tackling Corruption Together Conference hosted by the UK Government and the Commonwealth Secretariat. The YIP Coordinator gave a youth perspective on Empowering Citizens by supporting whistleblowers an open society and free media - 12th May 2016

2015 Events

Youth Forums

The first YACA forum was hosted by YACA and the PNG Assembly of Disabled Persons at the American Corner, National Library Waigani. Over 170 young people attended the forum including young persons with disabilities. The forum was themed ‘Be the Change’ and featured our YACA champions.

The second forum was held with the Office of Vision 2050 at Don Bosco Technical Institute. Over 100 young people attended. The forum was focused on PNG’s Vision and looked at what young people thought about it.

The third forum was held in Lae at the Coronation College. The forum was themed ‘Our contribution to our country’. Over 60 young people attended.

The fourth forum was held at the UPNG co-hosted by ALAC. The forum was themed ‘Know your Land Rights’.


PNG Assembly of Disabled Persons ran a training with YACA members at the SPSN Boardroom. 23 people were involved in the training, including 6 youth with disabilities. The training was focused on understanding the rights of persons with disabilities.

This year’s Media Smart Youth Workshop saw 24 participants learn how to use different tools and techniques in working with media for their Anti-Corruption work. 4 Media products were presented at the Press Conference at the end of the workshop.

The Mobilizing Youth Against Corruption Workshop was held in Madang and brought together 30 young people to work on the YACA plan for the Province. The Mobilizing Youth Against Corruption Workshop in Kokopo was the starting point for building momentum in East New Britain. 18 young people and 2 teachers participated in the 3 day workshop, learning more about how they could use music and sport to bring the message of Anti-Corruption across.

Other Events

Dagia Aka participated at the Pacific Youth Forum Against Corruption. His outstanding presentations on the work of YACA in PNG and innovative ways to fight corruption earned him his appointment as the Social Media Coordinator for Pacific Youth Against Corruption Network.

The YIP Coordinator attended the World Vision ‘Citizen Voice & Action’ workshop in Madang. Citizen Voice & Action is social accountability approach that promotes engagement between communities and government to improve health, education and other services.

The YIP Coordinator was invited by Newcrest Mining Limited for a week long Youth Outreach together with The Voice Inc., Eco Services and Youth for Development. Unfortunately the trip was cut short due to landowner issues.

YACA joined the NCD Youth Desk to commemorate International Youth Day. The event was held at Jack Pidik Park. YACA also joined in the celebrations at Parliament House.

YACA collaborated with the REDD+ project and facilitated sessions at the Manus Catholic Youth Rally at Patu Mission Station. Over 300 young people attended the event.

YACA was approached by an organization called Copenhagen Consensus to facilitate a discussion on the Post 2015 Development Agenda and provide feedback in preparation for the meeting of World Leaders in September in New York. YACA facilitated the discussions and provided feedback to the Copenhagen Consensus.

YACA was invited to be part of the Waigani Seminar, with YACA member Mr. Methuselah Wabiria representing YACA and presenting a paper on ‘The future we want –Refining the Education System’. YACA was also invited to set up a booth.

Youth Movement for Transparency Asia-Pacific YACA has been invited to join TI Pakistan, TI Malaysia, TT Vietnam, TI Indonesia, TI Philippines and TI Cambodia youth programs and be part of a regional movement. The goal of the movement is to engage youth to become part of the movement through creative initiatives that revolve around the issues of human rights, good governance and transparency.

The YIP Coordinator participated at the Anti-Corruption Workshop for Pacific Civil Society Organizations in Fiji in November 2015 and on two panel sessions. Presented on the work of Transparency International PNG Inc. and Youth Anti-Corruption work in Papua New Guinea.


YACA received a great amount of media coverage during our events. YACA was also feature on TVWAN’s Profile PNG Show. YACA continues to use social media to communicate our anti-corruption messages using Facebook, YouTube, Blogs and Instagram.

YACA in 2014

YACA Forums

The first YACA Forum was held on Saturday 22nd February 2014 in Port Moresby. The forum was themed Youth, Leadership and the Fight against Corruption. We had a panel of speakers for the first forum. They were YACA members:

1. Jerome Sesega 2. Dagia Aka 3. Methuselah Wabiria 4. Kaleichris Maha

The main speaker for this panel was YACA Patron & Founder, Fr John Glynn. At the end of the forum, the participants realized that they as young people have a huge role to play in the fight against corruption – to NOT practice corruption in their own lives. They felt that as a group, that they had to take responsibility of their actions and words and be the change they want to see in the world. They also felt that they had to find a way to tell others about what corruption is and how they can help to fight it.

Overall, the forum was a success and brought together participants from:

SCHOOLS: 1. Port Moresby International School, 2. Port Moresby National High School, 3. Sogeri National High School, 4. Jubilee Catholic Secondary School, 5. Salvation Army Koki Secondary School, 6. Gordons Secondary School, 7. Kila Kila Secondary School, 8. Gerehu Secondary School, 9. Kopkop College

VOCATIONAL TRAINING AND/OR OTHERS: 10. Youth Urban Employment, 11. International Training Institute, CSOs or NGOs: 12. The Voice Inc.

The second YACA forum took place on Saturday 17th May 2014 in Port Moresby. The forum was themed: The PNG Constitution – What are my Rights & Responsibilities as a PNG citizen? The Guest Speaker for this forum was the Advocacy & Legal Advice Centre Program Manager & Lawyer, Mrs Kimberly Buka. Kimberly’s presentation covered the following:

• What is a Constitution?

• Why is the Constitution so important?

• How was our Constitution made? • What is in the Constitution?

• What you should know about being a citizen?

The forum brought together participants from: SCHOOLS Port Moresby International School Sogeri National High School University of Papua New Guinea Gerehu Secondary School Kopkop College Salvation Army Koki Secondary School International Training Institute Gordons Secondary School Commonwealth Youth Group .

The third YACA Forum was held at the Holiday Inn in Port Moresby and was funded by the EITI Multi Stakeholder Group – CSO. The forum was themed: How can youth participate in the EITI? MSG CSO Representatives Mr Jerry Bagita (TIPNG) and Mr Paul Barker (INA & CIMC) both led discussions.

The participants were put into 5 main groups and the forum was broken down into 5 sessions:

• EITI: What is it?

• Who is the State?

• What are Extractive Industries?

• Who and What is Civil Society?

• How can we communicate the EITI to other young people?

Overall, the forum did show the lack of awareness young people had of the EITI, and also brought to light a huge problem we face with young people, and that was there lack of interest in keeping up to date with the news. It was decided that a second follow up forum would be held in August.

Pre-Exhibition Activities in Lae, Morobe Province

From Monday 24th – Wednesday 26th April 2014, the YACA Coordinator visited schools in Lae. Chairman also accompanied the YACA Coordinator on some of the school visits. Schools visited included: 1. Coronation College 2. The International School of Lae 3. Bumayong Secondary School 4. Bugandi Secondary School 5. St Paul’s Primary School 6. St Martin’s Primary School 7. Lae Christian Academy 8. Lae Secondary School

On Thursday 27th April 2014, a one day youth anti-corruption workshop was held for representatives from the different schools in Lae. The objective of the workshop was to build the capacity of the YACA members in the areas of Leadership, Public Speaking and Anti-Corruption awareness. It was also aimed at building relationships, developing strategies for the fight against corruption in PNG and finding out how we can best contribute to the development of our local communities and the nation.

Inspire Creative Change Workshop

The Inspire Creative Change workshop was held in Port Moresby during the school holidays from Monday 14th April – Thursday 17th April 2014. The ‘Inspire Creative Change’ Workshop was aimed at developing the capacity of the YACA members in Anti-Corruption awareness through creative, innovative and smart tools or techniques, while also building their levels of confidence. The workshop was about re-thinking the way we communicate messages such as speeches and PPT Presentations and exploring other more creative and peaceful ways to communicate through spoken word poetry, song writing, documentary making and role play. On the last day, the media and other guests were invited to a presentation by the participants to show case what they had learned during the week. A total of 7 schools and 1 youth organization sent 2 representatives to participate in the workshop.

World Conference on Youth 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka

The YACA Coordinator was nominated by the PNG National Youth Commission to attend the World Conference on Youth 2014 as the Female National Delegate. The conference was held from 6th – 10th May 2014 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The conference was focused on mainstreaming youth into the Post-2015 Development Agenda. The WCY 2014 was aimed at ensuring the post 2015 development agenda included young people in consultations, planning, implementation and evaluation and also to ensure partnership with young people.

PNG New Voices Conference

The YACA Coordinator was invited to be a panelist at the PNG New Voices Conference hosted by the Lowy Institute on Thursday 29th May 2014. The YACA Coordinator presented a paper on ‘Youth Participation in the Decision Making Process’.


YACA was approached by Oaktree Foundation to discuss ways in which we could partner with Oaktree Foundation.


YACA holds regular meetings with The Voice Inc. to find ways in which both organizations can better work together for youth development. YACA will be helping out with the Clean Generation Campaign this year.


For all  the youth out there and YACA members, more activities are planned for 2014!

This year, YACA plans to host more activities in more provinces around PNG! If you are interested in starting a YACa groupin your School or Community, please get in touch with us!

And to the YACA members - never give up on your pledge and always wear your YACA badge!

For more information on YACA activities or how to become a YACA, contact the Coordinator, Ms Arianne Kassman.

Keep informed on the latest on YACA on

YACA Activities in 2013

2013 YACA Groups

1. Gordons Secondary School 2. Jubilee Catholic Secondary School 3. Don Bosco Technological Institute, Boroko 4. Kila Kila Secondary School 5. Hohola Youth Development Centre 6. Kopkop College 7. Port Moresby International School 8. Port Moresby Grammar School 9. Port Moresby National High School 10. Sogeri National High School 11. DWU Madang 12. Don Bosco Vanimo 13. Tusbab Secondary School, Madang 14. Lae Secondary School 15. Lae Christian Academy 16. Badihagwa High School 17. Gerehu Secondary School 18. Aiyura National High School 19. Kimbe Police Barracks Youth 20. Malala Secondary School

School Visits

The school visits commenced in February and ended in March this year. We delivered letters to 12 schools in NCD. We visited 6 schools: Gordons Secondary School, St Joseph’s International School, Port Moresby National High School (2 visits), Port Moresby International School, Sogeri National High School and Port Moresby Grammar School. The purpose of this exercise was to talk about YACA, TIPNG and how young people can be members of YACA.

Commonwealth Youth Ministers’ Meeting Leadership Training

From Monday 25th February – Friday 1st March 2013, The YACA Coordinator co-facilitated a Leadership Training together with The Voice Inc. in preparation for the Commonwealth Youth Ministers’ Meeting in April. We trained youth representatives from the 22 provinces around PNG. The YACA Coordinator ran two days of the program, focused on ‘Effective Communication and Public Speaking & Presentation Skills’ and ‘Ethics and Morals’.

Divine Word University YACA Forum

First forum for Divine Word University Madang was held together with Strengthening Anti-Corruption Linkages & Networks (SACL&N) and the Sir Anthony Siaguru Walk Against Corruption (SASWAC) programs, in a combined forum held at the University Campus. President Anna Omba (YDC 2009) together with the YACA DWU group organized the forum and invited youth and important stakeholder such as the Red Cross and the Bugati Coaltion against corruption. It was attended by over fifty people.

International Video Conference

10 YACA members took part in an International Video Conference at the World Bank Public Information Centre on Thursday 25th April 2013. The one hour session brought together young anti-corruption fighters from Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. Youth in Philippines spoke about Education budget watch, an online platform that aims to raise awareness on the budget provided by the government for education and also serves as a venue for youth, particularly students to voice out their inquiries and insights on the financial status of different tertiary institutions and to promote transparency and social accountability. They then went on to explain website which is an interactive map of basic public education information. Youth in Indonesia then spoke about clubSPEAK which is a forum gathering young people who care about the dangers and effects of corruption. SPEAK believe that young people are the power to drive change, the present and the future. Together with TI Indonesia and other anti-corruption groups of young people in Indonesia, SPEAK is constantly looking for ways to get young people actively and consistently engaged in conducting the anti-corruption fight. Youth in Vietnam then spoke about Youth Box, a video based activity that they have recently developed and the youth program that is attached to Towards Transparency Vietnam.

YACA Forums

The first forum was held on Saturday 4th May 2013 at the Don Bosco Technological Institute. It was themed; Corruption affects everyone – It’s time to speak up! Ms. Hane Toua, the Events & Outreach Program Coordinator gave a brief presentation on the events that she organizes at TIPNG. The forum was aimed at designing and planning YACA activities for the year. Six groups have six projects for YACA this year. It was attended by over 60 students and a team from NBC was present.

Another forum was held on Saturday 27th July 2013 at Gordons Secondary School. It was themed: ‘Climate Change: What does it mean for Papua New Guinea?’ and was done in partnership with the Office of Climate Change & Development. YACA students together came up with solutions and awareness activities they could do to help the OCCD. EMTV, Sunday Chronicle and PNGFM covered this event. Fifty students participated in this forum.

The third YACA Forum was held at the American Corner, The National Library, Port Moresby. The theme for this forum was, ‘What does Democracy mean to you and me?’ The Guest Speaker for this forum was US Ambassador, Mr. Walter North. The participants came up with ways in which they as youth could teach other people in their schools and communities about Democracy.

The fourth YACA Forum was held at the Salvation Army Hall in Lae, Morobe Province. The theme for this was, ‘Lae City Roads’. This was the first YACA forum to be held in Lae. The participants discussed the state of the roads, consequences faced by residents due to the state of the roads, what youth could do to help solve this issue and also spoke about what they could do to get the government’s attention.

Media Smart Youth Workshop

The Media Smart Youth Workshop was held from Monday 6th – Friday 10th May 2013 at the Public Information Center, World Bank Papua New Guinea. A total of 18 students attended the Workshop. Presentations were done by:

1. Emmanuel Narakobi - Understanding the role of the media in a democracy - Social Media in PNG - Using Facebook and Blogs

2. Hane Toua - What is corruption? - The Mediums - How to write a news story

3. Yvonne Ngutlick - Liaising with the news media - Writing a media release - What is a Press Conference

4. Alexander Rheeney - What happens after a press release?

5. Richard Kassman - Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

6. Allen Kedea - The art of video – getting your message across

The students went on an Excursion to PNGFM studios. They were also given an opportunity to speak on radio. The students organized their first press conference on the Friday unveiling their media products: 1. YACA Quarterly Newspaper 2. 30 second Radio Jingle 3. 30 second video 4. YACA Blog These students now form the core communication team for YACA.

Anti-Corruption Song Writing Contest

The Song Writing Contest was launched on Friday 7th June 2013 and is themed: “Be the Change”. Keynote Music House donated a digital keyboard and CHM donated an Acoustic Guitar, together with an electric keyboard. The competition closed on Friday 9th August 2013. Entries were screened and a Press Conference was held on Tuesday 29th October 2013 to announce the three runner-ups. The winning song was launched on 9th December 2013.

The winner of the 2013 Anti-Corruption Song Writing Contest was Ruth Age, a 22 year old young lady from Central Province. Her song titled 'Be the Change' was performed by The Kommonwealth and recorded by Kanibal Track Studios.

Global Power Shift, Istanbul Turkey

500 young climate leaders from around the world spent the week undergoing training, community building, aligning our different strategies and building a global movement. The YACA Coordinator participated in a range of activities to help build her skills and develop a strategy for taking action in PNG and to contribute to the Oceania Pacific region strategy, to build relationships with people from around the world and learn from their climate change initiatives/campaigns and to hear from inspiring speakers such as Kumi Naidoo, Executive Director for Greenpeace International. The unique curriculum and inspiring facilitators ensured that each session was of benefit to the participants and each participant actively took part in group activities. There were five (5) tracks that participants were divided into; 1) Creative Activism 2) Digital Campaigning 3) Media & Communications 4) Non-Violent Direct Action 5) Policy.

She chose to be a part of the Media & Communications Track. Istanbul was only Phase 1 of Global Power Shift. She has now returned to PNG for Phase 2, and that involves organizing summits, events and mobilizing more young people to be a part of climate change campaigns and empowering young people to lead their local communities so that they can contribute to action and supporting national or regional climate strategies.

National Lasallian Youth Congress

On Wednesday 10th July, the YACA Coordinator was invited to do a presentation on how young people can fight corruption. 178 young people from Lasallian Schools all over PNG gathered at De La Salle Secondary School Bomana for a week long Congress.

YACA Board

On Saturday 27th July, representatives from the Port Moresby based YACA groups met and elected their office bearers: Ms. Vinzealhar Nen – President Mr. Oliver Nobetau – Vice President Mr. James Lunge – Secretary Mr. Tadius Sesega – Treasurer

Leadership Training Session at Laloki High School

YACA & TIPNG were invited to run a 2 hour session on Leadership, Youth and fighting corruption at Laloki High School on Saturday 21st September 2013 for the Central Schools Convention. Over fifty students from high schools in the Central Province attended this convention. Students from Kwikila High School and Kupiano Secondary School have requested for a visit to both schools in November.

Publications YACA Newsletter

The second issue for 2013 has been circulated by email and copies have also been printed and circulated.

Other Events

Office of Climate Change & Development invited YACA to be part of the Climate Change Open Day on Friday 16th August 2013. YACA participated in the float parade, set up a booth and gave a paper presentation.

The Voice Inc. invited YACA to be part of the Clean Generation Campaign. YACA Coordinator was invited to be the guest speaker on the day of the clean-up.

The YACA Coordinator was also invited to be part of the Development of the National Youth Employment Framework for PNG at a 3 day workshop held at Gateway. The NYC will incorporate YACA’S input into the National Policy.

Provincial Visits

Mobilizing Youth Against Corruption Workshops. The Mobilizing Youth Against Corruption Workshops were held in Lae and Kimbe this year. The purpose of the Workshop was for youth:  Learn skills/tools/techniques about how young people can mobilize to fight corruption  Develop an activity plan for YACA movement in Lae  Learning skills to effectively use the mass media to disseminate information about and promote the work/values/activities of YACA The Mobilising Youth Against Corruption Workshop Program has been designed to cover various topics over the three days.

Day one sessions provide a background and overview of the Youth Against Corruption Association (YACA), Youth organizations that YACA works with, YACA as a coalition partner of Transparency International PNG Inc and the global Transparency International movement. Day two sessions are designed provide you with the tools needed for planning and making sure you are on track to creating a positive environment in your school or community. This day also includes tips on how you can effectively communicate your messages with people in your Province, throughout the country and in the world. Day three sessions are aimed at equipping you with some knowledge in the media and how you can create your own media products to advance your anti-corruption work.

The Workshop is the starting point for a YACA movement in provinces outside of Port Moresby. At the end of the workshop we hope

1. For youth to understand the work/activities/values of YACA

2. For youth to aspire to the YACA values of Honesty, Integrity and Good Citizenship

3. For youth to be able to plan and run YACA activities in Lae

4. For youth to share their positive stories of change with others The first workshop was held in Lae.

There were seventeen participants representing the following schools: 1. Bugandi Secondary 2. Lae Secondary 3. St Paul’s Lutheran Primary 4. St Mary’s Primary 5. Coronation College The students formed a main committee to oversee the activities in Lae and also developed a work plan for 2014.

The second workshop was held in Kimbe. There were seventy participants representing the following schools, churches and LLGs: 1. Mai Primary School 2. Kapore AOG Youth Group 3. Kwalakessi Primary School 4. Dami AOG Youth Group 5. ITI Open Distance College 6. Kimbe Secondary School 7. YACA Police Barracks 8. Gango Youth Group 9. Kimbe Grammar School 10. Poinini Technical High School 11. Kimbe Primary School 12. Banaule Primary School 13. Hoskins Secondary School 14. Karl Hesse Primary School 15. Kandrian Gloucester Youth 16. Gigo Primary School 17. Kimbe Catholic Church Youth 18. Laheri Catholic Church 19. Laheri Primary School The students formed a committee to oversee the activities in West New Britain and also developed a work plan for 2014.

Partnerships PNG

National Youth Commission YACA is part of the stakeholder group that meet with the National Youth Commission. We were invited at the end of last year in preparation for the Commonwealth Youth Ministers’ Meeting. We contribute ideas and suggestions to the Commission about how best to implement the 2007-2017 National Youth Policy, which has not been done since the policy was launched.

The Oaktree Foundation The Oaktree Foundation heard about YACA through the TIPNG Website. The YACA Coordinator met with Elyse McInerney, the PNG Country Director for Oaktree Foundation, together with Pheobe Hammond and Joshua Zanker. The Oaktree Foundation is a youth development organization that is helping to end poverty through fundraising and education. Elyse and her team are very much interested in seeing how schools in Australia can partner with schools in PNG through YACA and run some of their programs.

The Voice Inc. The Voice Inc and YACA have a working partnership. We meet and see if there are any events, activities or programs that we can collaborate on. We share ideas and are working on concrete plans to promote Leadership in young people around PNG. Currently, we have partnered to promote the issue of climate change in PNG and to encourage young people to help raise awareness in their schools and local communities about the effects and solutions to climate change.  

YACA activities in 2012

In 2012, YACA hosted a lot of exciting and fun-filled activities including forums, a media workshop and a song writing contest.


The first YACA forum was themed Corruption and was an introduction to YACA and TIPNG. The youth that attended were given an opportunity to get into groups and discuss corruption, the effect it was having on PNG, and what they as young people could about it.

The second YACA forum was held together with The Voice Inc and was focused on Leadership. The youth learned about different leadership styles, qualities of a leader and what they could do to become effective leaders in their communities, schools and with their friends. 

The third YACA forum gave the young people an opportunity to participate in a Mock Election using the Limited Preferential Voting System. Students were shown the process beginning from when they went to cast their votes, the counting process and elimination process. 

The fourth YACA forum was held together with The Ombudsman Commission of PNG. The Commission gave an insight into the role of the Ombudsman Commission in PNG, the Leadership Code and what they had accomplished so far. The fifth YACA forum was a Question your MP forum. Minister for National Planning & Member for Alotau Mr Charles Abel together with the Governor for West New Britain Mr Sasindran Muthuvel, both took time out of their busy schedules to attend this forum and answer questions from the youth.

Media Smart Youth Workshop

The Media Smart Youth Workshop gave 24 students an opportunity to learn how to script for radio and tv ads, how to write articles for the newspaper, how to organize a press conference, how to write a press release, public speaking and presentation skills and much more about working with the media to get your message across.

Anti Corruption Song Writing Contest

The Anti-Corruption song writing contest produced the first youth Anti-Corruption song in PNG. Over 50 entries were received. CHM and Keynote Music House donated prizes towards the contest.

Global Youth Anti Corruption Forum - Brasilia, Brazil 

To add to all the exciting activities of YACA, Coordinator, Ms Arianne Kassman's  visit to Brasilia to attend the Global Youth Anti-Corruption Forum and International Anti-Corruption Conference put Youth Against Corruption Association PNG on the map. YACA is now a member of the Global Youth Anti-Corruption Network. Check out the GYAC Network on

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