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Twelve Responsibilities for Fighting Corruption (2013)

I will:

  1. stay informed and share knowledge about corruption
  2. be honest and truthful
  3. be completely transparent in all my actions.
  4. be accountable for all my actions
  5. never use a position of trust for my private gain.
  6. never ask for bribes or accept them if offered
  7. never pay bribes if asked
  8. always choose people and providers based on merit
  9. always use taxpayers money for the good of the whole country
  10. always choose and support leaders who oppose corruption
  11. never accept corruption
  12. always speak out against corrupt acts


A country where government, politics, business and individual citizens live and operate within the rule of law, are subject to good governance and are free from corruption.


To inform, educate and empower all Papua New Guineans, regardless of whom they are or where they are from, to make an active choice against corruption.

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